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Design in Motion

We are driving from Alaska to Chile
and we work on the road from and to anywhere in the world!

We have 5 powerful reasons to work with us.


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Design in Motion?

We have worked from different countries for customers in Chile, Australia, Germany, Russia, Colombia and the United States.

No matter the place where we make the project, our customers have always been happy with the results.


Satisfied clients

  • Projects made in Canadá 5%
  • Projects made in the United States 5%
  • Projects made in Mexico 50%
  • Projects made in Colombia 30%
  • Projects made in Venezuela 10%

Words from a client…

“I initially chose Carola and Vic because, having several alternatives, I empathized with their beautiful travel project and that gave me confidence with their treatment and efficiency to respond and quote. However, realizing how well they work, quality and dedication they put at my work, I was convinced that I had made the right choice and went far beyond of just supporting the workon the road of these passionate travelers. They are very responsible and made a high quality work. Always available to answer questions and flexible if you have to make changes to some ideas. I recommend them blindly. Thank you for helping me carry out my project. ”

Carlos Scheuch

El Mejor Marketero

We focus on Entrepreneurs

If you are starting your company or setting up a new business, we invite you to ask for a quotation.